Yamaha PF100 Digital Piano


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AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Sound Generation


88-key AE system

Single, Dual, Split

Reverb Room, Stage, Hall Modulation type Chorus, Symphonic, Tremolo Equalizer 3-band graphic equalizer (high, middle, low)

Tuning approx. +/- 50 cents (-64/ +63 approx. 0.78 cents increment within 1.0 semitone) Transposition +/-24 semitones (four octaves)

Midi transmit channel, Midi receive channel, Program Change receive channel, Local control On/Off, Midi merge, Bulk protect, Continuous slider assign, Foot controller assign, Program change transmit table, Midi on/off, Midi transpose, Midi velocity curve.

Line in 1/4" phone jack x 2 (L/Mono and R) Line out 1/4" phone jack x 2 (L/Mono and R) Headphone 1/4" stereo phone jack

Switches Power, Split (Balance), transpose (Detune), Midi (Tune), Voice/ Utility x 10 , Reverb (-1), Modulation (+1), Speaker Sliders Volume, CS (Data Entry), Equalizer x 3 (Low, Middle, High) Wheels Pitch, Modulation

Sustain, Soft, Sostenuto, Volume pedal/ Midi foot controller

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